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Our unique holistic amalgamation of various healing techniques both time tested and contemporary. The program’s aim is to bring harmony & health on all levels-body, mind & soul! It is an integrated programme which combines 5 powerful therapies to fast track your holistic health journey.

While our primary aim is to give immediate attention to the existing complaints – be it your allergy, migraine, diabetes or depression, the next target is to see that the immunity is raised to a level that the problem does not recur. However, the ultimate target is to balance the disharmony so you are able to evolve in your life’s journey from illness to wellness.

And this is best done when we integrate all the tools. Each of these 5 powerful therapies represent the 5 elements of the universe and our body. Their roles are invaluable and together they provide rapid, gentle and permanent solution to your disease.

  • Homeopathy – Represents the Water
  • Yoga – Represents the Earth
  • Meditation – Represents the Ether
  • Diet – Represents the Fire
  • Life skill coaching/Counselling – Represents the Air
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