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Introduction:-Homeo-similar, pathos- suffering

Developed by sumuel Christian Friedrich Hahnemann, physician and chemist in Germany introduce his new principal similia similibus curentur. let like be treated by likes.
Homeopathy is unique, natural, holistic system of medicine which stimulates the body’s healing response with no known contraindications or common side effects.


– Seek to cure the patients on the physical, Mental and emotional levels
– Safe treatment, as it uses medicines, extremely diluted quantities
– It’s non –toxicity makes it a good choice for treatment of children
– Homeopathic remedies are inexpensive
– Effective in treating infections circulatory problems, respiratory problems ,heart diseases, Depression and nervous disorders migraine headaches, allergies, arthritis, and diabetes.
– Used to assist the healing process after surgery and chemotherapy.
– Good treatment to explore for acute and chronic diseases.
– Individualized system of medicine which treats the person.
– Holistic approach to healing.
– Readily available and can be used by anyone.
– Can be stored for long periods of time.
– Non-invasive .

– Remedies should be prescribed by a homeopathic practitioner.
– Those who are taking homeopathic remedies should also avoid taking antidotes and other substances.
– Avoid coffee, peppermint (in toothpastes and mouthwash)camphor ( in salves and lotions ), and very spicy food.
– Should also be handled with care and should hot be touched with the hands or fingers.

Theory and basic concepts:-
The doctrine of  ‘similia similibus curantur’ is the basic foundation of homeopathic system homeopathy is based on following sever principal.  1) Individualisation:-
No two individuals in this world are alike therefore the disease affecting them will not be alike or similar the medicine used to cure the same disease in different individuals are different.
2) principle of similia:-
Suggest that treatment of disease by a medicine which produce similar symptoms in a healthy individual by providing the drug.
3) principal if minimum dose:- it means minimum medicine at a time which is sufficient to arouse the vital force of on individual.
4) law of proving:- it a medicine has a capacity to produce the diseases state in healthy individuals, are used as curative agent against that disease, is known as drug proving.
5) Principle of simplex- only single, simple medicine at one time and combination is not allowed. Though patients have a number of complaints only a single, simple medicine is selected from the material. medica.
6) Law of dynamisation- It is the methodology of serial dilution by which all the energy of drug is liberated and transferred to the medium used as base sugar or alcohol.
7) Vital force- Dr.Hahneman described vital force as a dynamic power which preserves life force and it’s normal state indicates good health.


– Patients are asked to describe their medical history and current symptoms.
– The major symptoms, location, sensation, modality, and concomitants are investigated.
– Detailed information is gathered about the patient’s mood, behavior, like and dislike, response to stress condition, reaction to food, and personality.
– This details helps to build up a symptom picture of the patient. This is matched with drug picture mentioned in homeopathic material medical.

– Practitioners always attempt to identify a single medicine which corresponds to patients general symptom picture.
– The two patients with identical diagnosis may receive different medicines.
– Sometimes treatment consists of only for or their doses, in some cases medicine is prescribed in regular daily doses for 2-6 weeks.
– Progress is reviewed from time to time and likewise, alterations are made in medicine or dilution.
– In case of recurrence, irritable bowel syndrome dysmenorrhea, upper respiratory and urinary tract infection and physiological disorders
– 3000 different remedies are present.

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